25 Jul 2014

Piedras Blancas

I met Michelle & Tyler on a small beach just north of Point Piedras Blancas and the setting couldn't have been more perfect. For this particular shot, 100% natural light was used allowing a slower shutter speed which gave the silky smooth appearance of the wave receding just behind them. Click here to view the

24 Jul 2014

Day in Morro

Spent a day in Morro Bay today and truthfully, I don't think the conditions could have been better. I think what made today perfect was this thin layer of fog which had formed above me and behind me, slightly diffusing the light and allowing the water to be this perfect color and the sky to be that amazing true blue.  All in all I couldn't have asked for better conditions. After shooting in Morro, I

13 Jul 2014

“Not in Kansas”

Napa at any time of year is just a really amazing place to visit.  The rolling hills covered in acres and acres of vines and the occasional structure mingled perfectly into the hillside make it a truly beautiful place to

11 Jul 2014

Let’s get started

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