Trump is a Genius.

Now that I have your attention, please take a moment to understand that I’m being only partially serious when I make the claim that Trump is a genius. I formed this conclusion after spending countless hours studying his words and actions from the point he announced he would run for office til now and I have formed the opinion that no other possibility could exist. Trump must be a genius and his plan to make America great again, based on my research, seems to be well on its way to fruition.

Stick with me here.

Let’s get this out of the way though because I don’t want you going into this with any false notions that I’m on one side of the fence or the other. I personally believe, based solely on my observations, that he is an arrogant ass and I don’t really care much for him personally.

He’s earned that though, hasn’t he? No matter where you stand on his politics, that much is at least fairly undeniable and he’d likely agree considering he has been making money off his reputation as an arrogant ass for decades. He even created a TV show in which he was able to fire his employees, every single episode, on national TV.

“You’re Fired!” was on billboards and bumper stickers, t-shirts and even on posters in workplaces (which I found to be in poor taste but whatever).

Who does that? Well, Trump did that.

I never paid much attention to Trump beyond his TV show though as he never mattered to me or my future. Short of reading about his numerous bankruptcies over the years, I simply never spent much time thinking about him. So when he ran for the office of the President of the United States, many thought that he was a narcissist, and very egocentric. The common theme, which nearly all of his opponents focused, was that he was only running for this prestigious position to feed his ego by becoming “the most powerful man in the world” and honestly, that seemed legit at the time.

Well, In case you’re not keeping score, he’s presently winning at being the best and is in fact the 45th President of the United States, which apparently is a big deal.

So what has he done then that makes me believe he is a genius?

I’ll address his personality first because let’s face it, an egocentric narcissist could never do what I’m proposing so there must be a bit more behind the iron curtain, right? Despite appearing to be arrogant as hell, and being a brackish ass to pretty much everyone, the story is apparently slightly different when the cameras are off and there have been numerous reports are that he’s actually a nice guy. I’ve heard accounts of how he’s gone out of his way to help people in need, that he constantly fights for the underdog. I’m willing to concede this one thoughtt if only for this one article: He’s not 100% ass.

– breakdown –

He unified the United States in a way no other politician in history has been able to do.

He activated a major subset of the nation which up until very recently has never cared about politics.

He brought together men, women and even children who were divided down the aisle and focused their gaze in a single direction.

He made us hate racism more than we’ve ever hated it before and he’s highlighted the need for religious and cultural tolerance.

He’s focused our gaze squarely on climate change and forced us to recognize how severe the problem truly is and unified.

His plans are so horrible that our state and local governments are finally working together, as they should have been for decades, to resolve conflicts which he is presenting, daily.

The crisis in the White House seems so extreme that we are now focusing our gaze squarely on the media and beginning to hold them accountable for their lies and misinformation.

Moreover, the media, sensing a goldmine, have focused their gaze squarely on him and his actions, every single day and we are all tuned in, like our favorite evening drama, catching the news of the day trying to determine what little part of the world he’s going to fuck up next.

Historically the media, and entertainment networks, have mocked our presidents, ranging from Bush and Bush so famously portrayed by Will Ferrell, to

The fact is, he’s astoundingly good at making us hate him that we are all finally working together towards a common goal since JFK declared we must go to the moon. We’ve taken to the streets, not in violence or to riot, but to protest and stand united towards a common goal.

As far as I see it, Trump is either a genius who knows exactly what we need in order to finally make America great again, or he’s just an ignorant politician walking party lines for the sake of business as usual.

Given the fact that he’s in charge of the nation my Son and Daughter will one day inherit, I’m going to choose to believe he’s a genius and he’s forcing us to take our medicine for once.

I believe. I truly believe…. If he continues down this path, he will make America great again.

So keep at it Mr. Trump. Do your thing and lead us down the path of righteousness. You’ll be remembered as the best worst president in history, the one who did everything wrong, and made everything right.


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